Gabby Rose


For this blog post, I’m focusing on a current trend: mom jeans! Mom jeans have made a comeback and I have mixed feelings about them. While they’re definitely not the most flattering jeans, they are really fun to wear. Mine are vintage Levi’s, and I paired them with a comfy grey floral sweatshirt, black heels, rhinestone earrings and red lipstick for a modern outfit with a retro feel.

Next weekend, we’re on the road!  Check out our Instagram stories for where we’ll be and what we’re wearing.

Shirt: J Crew/Pants: Vintage Levi’s/Heels: Breckellesmomjeans2.jpgmomjeans3momjeans4.jpg



This week, I’m wearing a NASA sweatshirt that I paired with black skinny jeans.  I don’t wear a lot of sweatshirts, but when I saw this one I really liked it.  I completed the outfit with a pair of black suede combat boots.  Now that I have bangs, I thought I would wear my hair hair in space buns.

Sweatshirt:  Mighty Five/Pants:  Justice/Boots: Brash

Next month, we’ll be doing some special features.  I’ll be talking about how to build a capsule wardrobe.  Can’t wait to share what I’ve picked!