R.S.V.P. – with Kristina Lachaga

glfashbash12Back in August, we covered the Girls’ Life Magazine Fashion Bash.  While we were there, we had the pleasure of meeting pop singer/songwriter, Kristina Lachaga.  She recently released her new single – R.S.V.P.  The song was inspired by Simon & Schuster/Aladdin MIX’s book series You’re Invited, written by Jen Malone and Gail NallWe’ve included a mix of our past styles over the year, along with a clip of Kristina singing her new single.  Scroll down to learn more about Kristina, the books, and how you can hear more of Kristina’s music!

You can order the You’re Invited books on Amazon by clicking on the links below-

You’re Invitedhttps://goo.gl/NGj44n

You’re Invited Toohttps://goo.gl/r7MPBt

Each character in the You’re Invited books has their own sense of style. (See our slide show below to get a feel of each character’s fashion favs.)”Sadie is the perfect party planner and she’d be able to get the job done when she’s wearing my light blue, denim dress or Claire’s simple, yet slightly sophisticated white and blue patterned blouse. She likes keeping things organized and a little trendy. Lauren could pull off pretty much any of our looks, but I think she’d go for either my white blouse with cranberry pants (studious and ‘college on the mind’) or the black and floral dress for when she’s at her Dad’s marina. They’re easy to wear so she can keep her mind on studying.” – Gabby

“Becca is into all things glitz and glam, so I’m sure she’d LOVE the blue cocktail dress that I wore for our collab with Alyce Paris and the yellow floral (totally dramatic) romper is the perfect flirty look for talking with boys (Hello! Bonfire on the beach…with Ryan?!)! And Vi could totally rock Gabby’s black tank and sporty-striped sweater… Vi’s learning to branch out from sneakers when she pairs the outfit with brown leather boots for walking around Sandpiper Beach. Maybe Vi would even like the Bohemian-patterned romper, I mean if she can still run around and play sports with the guys then it’s definitely a winner.” – Claire

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Connect with Kristina-

iTunes: iTunes

Kristina’s Bio-

Rising pop singer/songwriter Kristina Lachaga, “The Girl With The Big Pink Heart” has shared the stage with many artists on the scene, including Olivia Holt, Skylar Stecker, Heffron Drive (feat. Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush), Shawn Hook, X Factor’s Bea Miller, and stars from Disney and Nickelodeon at concerts and events up and down the East Coast, including: iHeartRadio’s Z104.3 & Girls’ Life magazine’s Shawn Mendes and One Direction Concert Pre-Parties, State Fair Meadowlands, the New York State Fair, Erie County Fair, Girls World Expo, Albany Back To School Expo, Seacrest Studios, Schenectady County SummerNight w/ Grammy-Nominated Special Guests Gin Blossoms, and more. Kristina encourages her fans to #FollowYourHeartsDream. Having visited over 150 schools across the country spreading her ‘Sticks & Stones’ Anti-Bullying message, “The Girl With The Big Pink Heart” believes it is important to use her voice to help give teens and tweens the confidence to explore their passions, work hard, and be themselves. She is also the Ambassador for Glamour Gals, a non-profit organization of high school and college students that provides manicures and makeovers to women living in senior homes, whose mission is to end elder loneliness. Kristina’s original songs “No Doubt,” “Won’t Wait Forever,” and “Calendar” are available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Her new single “R.S.V.P.” — inspired by Simon & Schuster/Aladdin MIX’s book series You’re Invited — was released on November 18, 2016Most recently, Kristina performed “R.S.V.P.” in Charlotte, NC’s 70th Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade (4th largest parade in the U.S., broadcast on WBTV/CBS)! Become a #Heartbreaker and follow @KristinaLachaga on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Girls’ Life Magazine Fashion Bash – The Music

The Back-To-School Fashion Bash, hosted by Girls’ Life Magazine and iHeartRadio, featured a variety of musical acts, each one with their own musical style.  Olivia Holt headlined the event, which was sponsored by Neutrogena.  Sammi Sanchez was also a featured performer. Scroll below for my interviews with some of the musicians!

Also, check out our other post on the Fashion Bash where we talk all things style and fashion.

The Catching-

Hailing from Asbury Park, NJ The Catching – features teen musicians singer/songwriter Holden Glazer (vocals, bass), Jake Farbman (guitar), Evan Hemwall (guitar) and Drew Stevens (drums) . (Source: thecatching.com)

1.) G – We saw you have a new single out titled “Ready Set Go’. Who writes your songs? And how did you think of the lyrics? Holden (lead singer) – I write the songs for the group, and the idea for this song came from seeing cliques in high school. It’s an encouraging song that talks about just being yourself and not worrying about what other people think.

2.) We saw on your website that you were able to record at Blackbird Studios (where singers like Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Adele, Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton and many other famous artists have recorded) and work with Skidd Mills (a multi Grammy award winner who has worked with singers such as Olivia Holt, ZZ Top and Third Day). What was that like? Evan (Guitarist) – You won’t be able to get us to stop talking about it! Jake (Guitarist) – It was amazing recording there. Drew (Drummer) – We actually got to record in the same room other famous bands have recorded. Holden – They had an echo chamber at the studio we got to try out.

3.) G – Which of you in the band has the best style sense? Entire band – Probably Holden. He dresses up the most even if we’re not really doing anything.

4.) G – You mentioned earlier that you got to go to LA. What was that like? Entire band – It was great! While we were there we got the opportunity to work with Marc Klasfeld who’s directed music videos for Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and a lot of other celebrities. We also got to have a stylist for our videos!

5.) G – You’re getting ready to go on your first national tour! Who’s touring with you and how do you prepare for something like that? Entire band – You can’t really mentally prepare for something like that until you’re actually there. We’re not sure who’s touring yet, but we heard that Drake Bell from Drake and Josh might be there! We also might be the only band there as opposed to just individual singers.

6.) G – What’s your social media? Entire band – We started doing YouNow and actually got to the top 5 musicians and got 47,000 Likes/views! We’d love it if you guys would check us out there and you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @thecatching!

IMG_20160812_124749903 (2)

Kristina Lachaga – Pop SInger/Songwriter

“The Girl With The Big Pink Heart”

G – When did you start singing? K – I started musical theater when I was nine, and went on a national tour with the musical Gypsy. After that I realized I wanted to get into pop music and started writing my own songs.

G – Do you have any singles or albums out right now? K – Yes, I have three singles out on iTunes and a new single coming out this month titled RSVP. My new single is inspired by the You’re Invited book series printed by Simon and Schuster. The author asked me to write a song based on her book series.

G – Is this your first time singing at the GL Fashion Bash? K – No, this is actually my third time singing at this event.

G – Where do you typically record at? K – I work with a traveling producer.

G – Have you had any recent concerts? K – I opened for Heffron Drive ft. Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush.

Social media:  @kristinalachaga  –  Website:  http://www.KristinaLachaga.com


Taylor Felt

G – When did you start singing? T – I’ve been singing since I was two, but I started singing professionally when I was eight.

G – What is your social media? T – My Instagram is @taylorfeltmusic, and my Snapchat is @tfeltmusic. Also my Youtube is @taylorfeltmusic and it has all of my covers, so I’d love it if you’d check it out!

G – How many times have you sung at the Girls Life Fashion Bash? T – This is my third time singing at the GL Fashion Bash!

G – Do you travel a lot for your singing? T – I live near NYC so I travel there a lot. I also travel to LA and Nashville a lot.

G – Which city is your favorite? T – LA is definitely my favorite.IMG_20160812_133847605-2 (3)