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A native of South Carolina, seventeen year-old Luke Gordon is a member of the USA Junior Surf Team.

We asked him about his views on style.

Gabby:  How do you incorporate your own sense of style when competing?

Luke:  Keep it simple.  Less is more.

Gabby:  Do you have a favorite designer/brand?

Luke:  Rip Curl

Gabby:  What is your favorite item of clothing to buy?

Luke:  I like all types of winter clothes.

Gabby:  You’re from South Carolina, but you travel all over the world.  What are some style differences you’ve seen in different countries?

Luke:  A lot of the styles I’ve seen really go with the houses in that place.

Gabby:  Kelly Slater recently came out with his own line of beachwear.  Could you see yourself designing a fashion line?

Luke:  No way.haha  I’m always having to get tips from friends on how to dress.  I would be lost trying to create a clothes line.

Gabby:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Luke:  Hopefully traveling surfing for a living – personally and professionally.


Michael Provost is an actor who recently completed work on a new television pilot – Instatiable, starring Debbie Ryan.  He also played the role of Shannon on the Netflix film – #RealityHigh.

Here are his thoughts on style-

How do the characters you have played differ from your own style? Which character’s style has been the most different? Which character’s style has been the most like you?

Not too many of the characters I’ve played have strayed far from my style. I was part of a project called Being Dexter which had me in extremely preppy clothes (Polo shirts with sweaters draped over my shoulders, etc.) which I believe is the farthest “off style” I’ve yet to go. And on the flip side I would say the role I play in #RealityHigh was the initial inspiration for the way I dress now. I can’t really talk in Shannon’s (my) character until after the film is released though!

Do you have a favorite designer or brand?

Personally I’ve never been big on specific designers or brands. Which I think that stems from me being a hand-me-down kid (I’m the middle child of 5 boys!).  So while growing up instead of walking into Urban or Pacsun it was more along the lines of sneaking into my older brother’s closets and seeing what stuff didn’t fit them anymore. But over the past year, living on my own in Los Angeles, I’ve begun to step into my own style and thus finding the brands that didn’t suit me. Carbon2Cobalt is a brand I recommend to any young men looking for a nice Henley or bomber jacket! Also, if you’re looking for a solid pair of boots, go with Frye. You won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite clothing item to buy?

It’s a pretty girly answer but honestly shoes. My mother has always said that for men you need to start from the bottom up. Pick the shoes you want to wear then move up from there. So boys, whether it’s cowboy boots or Yeezys, don’t be wishy-washy about your footwear purchases. It can make or break the look you’re trying to pull off. In fact, it’s usually the difference between trying and actually pulling it off.

You’re from Atlanta, but you live in Los Angeles. Are the clothing styles in these two cities different?

YES, very different! I didn’t own a single pair of skinny jeans or joggers until I moved out West. Now style within the city of Atlanta is crazy dope! Stores like Rag-O-Ramma (Little 5 Points) supply people with some of the best thrifting on the East Coast. But travel 30 minutes outside of the city and things start to become rather… “basic”. It’s all Vineyard Vines and Southern Marsh, not really my style. On the West Coast the style is relaxed and personalized. Lots of custom patchwork and accessories (rings, bandanas, etc.).



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We talked with another one of NCAA’s top golfers, Will Zalatoris.

How do you incorporate your own sense of style on the golf course?

I always like wearing slim fit clothing when I am off the golf course so I try to take some of my style preferences on the golf courses with me.  I like wearing the slimmer fit since it is a more athletic and younger look.  I love wearing front-pocketed pants off the golf course and that trend has been taking off on the golf course.  Front pocket pants used to never be allowed on golf courses since they look like jeans, but times have changed. The only time I am not wearing five pocket pants now, either on or off the golf course, is when I am wearing shorts.

Do you have a favorite designer or brand?

I have a pretty slim frame (6’2” 170 lbs.) so I tend to wear a lot of slim fit clothing. I have a lot of Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, but my favorite is the men’s collection by Lululemon.  I love their clothing, especially their pants. a lot of guys look at me funny when they see I am wearing Lulu since they associate Lulu with women’s workout gear but I love everything they make for guys.

What is your favorite clothing item to buy?

I am a big fan of buying shoes. I tend to save money by buying clothing that I can dress up or dress down. I bought some grey Michael Kors jeans that depending on what type of shoes I wear can either be casual or dressed up a little. I could untuck my shirt and wear white sneakers and make it casual or tuck my shirt in and wear dress shoes and be able to go to some nice restaurants in Dallas.  I bought a pair of white Calvin Klein high top sneakers at the beginning of the year that are my favorite shoes ever.

Your parents are from the West Coast, you’re from Texas, but go to college in North Carolina.  Describe how clothing is different.  What is your favorite/least favorite?

I was born in San Francisco and moved to Dallas when I was nine. At that age, I thought cowboy boots were a thing of the past but little did I know.  Lots of people wear the white wash jeans and cowboy boots look in Texas. I have cowboy boots that I bought for a couple dances in high school but haven’t worn them in a couple years.  The Carolinas have a lot of guys wearing slacks and buttons downs with top siders. A very class look. I am at heart a west coast kid, I am normally wearing five pocket pants and high top sneakers almost daily.  My California roots probably explain why I enjoy that look.

USA Today recently did an article on golfers/social media.  How important do you think it is for golfers/professional athletes to use social media?  What’s your favorite social media platform?

There are many aspects to athletes using social media.  Personally, I like seeing what they do when they are practicing and seeing their habits. But there are many athletes that brilliantly use it to promote their products. Take Rickie Fowler for example, his main sponsors are Wheels Up (a private jet company), Mercedes-Benz, Puma, and Farmers Branch Insurance. I remember him putting up a selfie on snapchat of him looking into the camera; on his Wheels Up private plane with the wingtip that says “Up;” with a Mercedes-Benz G wagon that you can see through the window waiting for him, wearing a Puma hat with the Farmers Branch Insurance logo on the side.  It was brilliant. I am a huge Instagram fan, that is where I find a lot of my clothing ideas actually.

Where do you see yourself in five years – personally and professionally

In five years I see myself on the PGA Tour. It has been a dream since I was a little kid and have really dedicated myself to getting there over the past few years. There have been many ups and downs along the way, but I am confident I will get there.



GAVIN HALL – For this post, we talked with one of NCAA’s top golfers, Gavin Hall.  Gavin currently plays on the golf team at the University of Texas.  Read below what he has to say about style.Gabby: How do you incorporate your own sense of style on the golf course?:

Gavin: A lot of the styles vary depending on the season. A big trend in golf clothes right now is fabrics -another trend is layers. In the summer you can layer less, in the winter you can layer a lot more. In the summer the fabric is usually polyester, and in colder weather the fabric is usually thicker, so a lot of it is based off of weather.

Gabby: Do you have a favorite designer or brand?:

Gavin: Before college, I really liked Ralph Lauren and wore a lot of their stuff. Now in college, I’m obligated to wear Nike during the school year because that’s our school uniform. In the summer we can wear whatever we want. One of my favorite brands is Lululemon.

Gabby: What is your favorite item of clothing to buy?

Gavin: I like jeans with stretchier denim, and I also like Lululemon. Lululemon’s stuff is great because I can wear it to the gym, and I can wear it to class.

Gabby: You’re from New York, but you go to college in Texas. Have you found the styles in clothing to be different?

Gavin: Way different. When I moved South, I noticed a lot of sorority and fraternity shirts with the different sorority and fraternity colors and symbols. The guys tend to wear khaki shorts, and I’ve also seen a lot of Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots.

Gabby: Have you bought a pair of cowboy boots yet?

Gavin: I have! I bought a pair a while back.

Gabby: You once received a letter from Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer came out with his own clothing line. Could you see yourself designing a clothing line?

Gavin: First, I would have to play a lot of great golf to have enough credibility to have a clothing line. A lot of golfers have very specific looks and brands that they wear. I couldn’t really see myself coming out with a clothing line at this point. If I did design a clothing line, the biggest thing I would have to include in it would be versatility. It’s great to have clothes that can transition from school or the gym to the golf course. Arnold Palmer had a very classic, professional look, and I know growing up that was definitely the style of clothing I preferred.

Gabby: Where do you see yourself in five years?:

Gavin: I would hope to be on the PGA tour, living in Jupiter, Florida, and having success with golf!


LAWSON BATES – We have a new series we’re starting on the blog!  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to guys we feel have a sense of style.  This week, check out my interview with country singer, and star of Bringing Up Bates – Lawson Bates.        –Gabby Rose


G: “What is your personal style/ how would you define it?”

LB: “For a performance, I would definitely say I go for a modern western type of look. As far as casual dress, I tend to wear fitness clothes or American Eagle style clothes.

G: “We saw on the show that you have several pairs of boots and several hats. Do you have a favorite designer/brand of hats/boots?”

LB: “With boots, you really have to divide them into three categories: work boots, casual dress boots, and dress boots. My favorite brand of boots would have to be Ariat. While the show kind of exaggerated how many clothes I have, I do have about 25 pairs of boots. With hats, I like to design my own. You can actually re-shape and steam hats, and that’s what I prefer to do. I own about 30 hats.

G: “What is your biggest weakness when shopping?”

LB: “Definitely boots and hats. If I see a good price on a pair of boots, I can’t resist buying them.”

G: “What’s your favorite go to outfit?”

LB: “For a performance, I typically go for a pair of straight-leg designer jeans, a button-down and traditional boots. For just casual dress, again I go for just about anything American Eagle.

G: “Out of all your siblings, which sibling has the most opposite style from you?”

LB: “Out of all my siblings, I’d go with Josie. Her style is typically pretty boho, while mine tends to be more classic/ traditional. If I had to pick a guy, I’d probably pick Nathan.

G: “What’s one thing you won’t wear?”

LB: “This isn’t clothing, but I would never wear a man  As far as clothes, I tend to wear pretty classic and traditional outfits, so I would never wear anything loud.

G: “Do you have any shows coming up?”

LB: “I have a show coming up in NC near Charlotte in May. I’m going to be performing some new unreleased songs!”

G: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

LB: “I’m really just trying to see where God leads me and follow the doors He opens for me. I want to do my best to be open to His plans for my life. I like Proverbs 16:9: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs His steps.”

“Bringing Up Bates” is currently airing all new episodes every Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern only on UP Tv.