Versatile Blogger Award

Soooo….we got an award!  We want to thank Once Upon a Random Story for the nomination!

Part of accepting this award involves listing 7 facts about yourself.  Here are our facts.

  1. Claire has modeled in a show during NYFW.
  2. Claire likes to cook and often gets inspiration from Pinterest.
  3. Claire’s favorite shows are Sherlock and Pysch.
  4. We started blogging three years ago.
  5. Gabby Rose is a certified lifeguard.
  6. Gabby Rose plays the ukulele.
  7. Gabby Rose likes to make pickles.

Here are the people we would like to nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Christy and the City
  2. Raven’s Amour
  3. Simply by Simone
  4. BeaFree
  5. Admirably Legal
  6. A Small Wardrobe
  7. AniitaJ
  8. Autumn Whewell
  9. The Classified Chic
  10. HeyIt’sLea

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