Having Fun with Fruit Prints – Gabby Rose

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Fruit prints have become a big trend this summer.  I love how fun they are to wear.

Scroll down to the bottom of my post and learn about The Frosting Company – a company that makes all natural beauty products with fruit scents. 🙂

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I like the bright colors that typically go with fruit prints, and the different choices of patterns. I love this dress by the brand Dear Creatures.

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I bought this dress from a boutique called Gladiola Girls.  This boutique is where I got my first modeling job. 🙂  I love how comfortable the dress is (it has side pockets), the colors, and the pattern.


Pearl jewelry is my favorite type of jewelry.  I love these pearl earrings from Charming Charlie.  My pearl necklace is vintage.  To add more color to my outfit, I added a yellow wallet.  It is also from Charming Charlie.

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I love wearing nude colored heels with dresses.  You can wear them in any season and they match anything you pair them with.  These heels are by the brand Predictions.


We recently had the pleasure of working with The Frosting Company.  I chose to try out the Southern Peach Body Butter.   All of their products are all natural. They also have such an inspiring story!  Check out all their products by visiting – http://www.frostingcompany.com

Having Fun with Fruit Prints – Claire


Fruit prints are really trendy this summer – especially pineapple. 🙂 They are cute, and fun to wear. I like any kind of fruit, but my favorite fruit is probably strawberries.

We recently worked with The Frosting Company who make many all natural fruit scented beauty products.  Read more about them at the end of my post. 🙂


I got my orange and white baseball tee from Rue 21.


I thought the orange/white colors would look perfect with my shorts.


My shorts are by the brand Hudson.  They are white twill with a pineapple print.


My orange ring and gold bracelet are from Charming Charlie. My sandals are by the brand Palms.


I got my aviator sunglasses from Rue 21.


I wrote at the beginning of my post about The Frosting Company.  One product we got to try out was a Frosting Body Pop (Tropical Getaway scent).  I also sampled the Caramel Popcorn Frosting Bath Sprinkles.  Check out the company, and all their products here:  http://www.frostingcompany.com  🙂   They offer so many products, and have a great story!